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April 17, 2016

CaribbeanAs you might have noticed, I was on a brief hiatus from updating my blog. Never fear! I did not abandon you, nor did I abandon my reading. I just returned from a 9-day vacation to the Caribbean islands where they had remarkably poor wireless when I had downtime, and fantastic wireless when I did not. C’est la vie. Don’t worry, I made good use of my time, as my photo evidence suggests. On my trip, I completed reading 4 books and I am in the middle of another two. Strangely, this is less than I expected. Silly ocean distracted me.

ReadThe Little Lady AgencyRed RisingHow To Be A WomanGolden Son

Currently ReadingLuke Skywalker Can’t Read: And Other Geeky TruthsAll About Love

The first book of my trip was a no brainer. Super fluffy chick-lit. Perfect for the beach. The next two books were for different book clubs. I traveled with my roommate, who also participates in the Our Shared Shelf book club, and we were both reading. It was great to have someone to talk to about How To Be A Woman while I was mid-reading it.

Not having anyone to talk to about the Red Rising books was a challenge for me. The first book is for my monthly Buddy Read, but I just couldn’t stop. Now that I’m back, I see that I need to wait to read Morning Star— I’m behind on the real books I’m supposed to read for April.

Alas, All About Love was just a slog to try and read when the ocean breeze was blowing by. I honestly wonder if this will become my first DNF for the year. We shall see. This is also a book to read for the Our Shared Shelf book club. We’re doing double duty this month, so I won’t feel as bad if I don’t make the cut with both books read.

I have another quick trip planned in May to visit Savannah, GA with my mother. In preparation for our trip, we are both reading Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, which I couldn’t be more excited about! This book has been on my short list for a long while. Plus, a mother-daughter book club is the best. We will definitely go on the book-based tour when we are there.

Book reviews were worked on with limited internet, so more are on the way this week. I hope I can make up for lost time. Don’t give up on me yet. 😉

What sort of books do you guys read on your vacations? I’d love future beach reading suggestions– or even more about Savannah, GA!

Until next time,

Jackie B Forman


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