#AnneReadAlong2017 : The End of Anne
#AnneReadAlong2017 / January 31, 2018

  It’s so hard to believe that 9 months have passed. It feels like only yesterday that Jane @ Greenish Bookshelf and I were connecting to co-host the #AnneReadAlong2017. Over the last 9 months, we shared so much together and with those of you who participated in and followed our journey.   Over the course of the last 9 months, so much has been accomplished. We read all 8 books in the series, hosted two giveaways, posted books reviews and Top 5 lists, and written some additional posts to supplement and explore further our love of Anne Shirley Blythe. You can explore all the posts published by Jane and myself on my #AnneReadAlong2017 home page. I learned so much from this experience. It’s been challenging for me to put into words all the wonder, awe, magic, and friendship I found by hosting #AnneReadAlong2017. If you haven’t read the entire Anne of Green Gables series yet, I strongly encourage you to do so. Montgomery’s writing is clever and to the point. I found myself laughing and crying along with (and sometimes at!) the characters. But really, watching Anne Shirley grow up, get married, and have children is miraculous. Watching someone’s life literally unfold in front…

Bout of Books 18 Wrap Up
Read-a-thon / January 9, 2017

Bout of Books was my first real social-heavy readathon. I’ve participated in readathons with friends in small groups, in person, and over the internet. But I’ve never participated in a readathon so public, so popular and so… involved. This was definitely a learning process for me. Lessons Learned Posting daily is not for me. I am a very busy person who is bad at saying no. Blogging and social media are a hobby of mine. When I set a rigorous schedule for myself, this stops being a hobby and becomes a chore. Reading was still fun, but I avoided my blog a few days to try and not give up entirely on blogging and social media forever. Barely anyone actually does separate daily blog posts. Seriously! I had no idea. On Day 2 I realized most people were updating the same blog post each day. That’s a HUGE lesson learned. Due to added stress, I didn’t really network or make new friends. This was one major reason I was interested in this readathon. Instead, I avoided all blogs and social media in general. They were a source of added stress since I had something I HAD to do daily. I forced myself…

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