Read-a-thon / November 22, 2016

  I don’t know about you guys, but the week of Thanksgiving is my favorite week of the year. This is the week my family celebrates all our holidays and comes together. It’s intense: tons of people, food, drink, and activities. We go non-stop despite finally having some days off to relax. But, sometimes, I just want to escape. It can get pretty overwhelming! In the past, I’ve taken some time for myself to do some work (boooo), but this year, I’m changing it up. Instead of escaping to work, I’m going to escape and read. I know we’re all shocked. And to provide motivation, Ottavia at Novels and Nonfiction and I are hosting a #ThanksgivingReadathon!      I still have a long way to go on my 2016 reading challenges, and even further to go with my TBR. Here are my goals for this week: Complete at least one of my five outstanding yearly review challenges.  Listen to at least two audiobooks. Read a Newbery Award Winner Read two ARCs Read at least one non-fiction book Complete a book I have been reading for more than one month (FIVE outstanding yearly reading challenges?! Fool of a Jackie… O_o) I will totally give myself a…

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