What’s a Soulmate?
Book Review / December 2, 2016

Title: What's A Soulmate? Author: Lindsay Ouimet Genre: Romance Publisher: Evernight Teen Release Date: October 28th, 2016 Format: eBook Pages: 237 Source: NetGalley Libby Carmichael has just met her Soulmate. It’s just too bad he’s behind bars. When you only see the world in black and white until you meet yours, it’s pretty simple to figure out when you’ve found your Soulmate. What Libby can’t figure out is why fate/destiny/the powers-that-be have decided that Andrew McCormack is her one, true match. Libby is smart, organized, and always has a plan for what’s coming next. So when she sees Andrew for the first time and her world is instantly filled with color, she’s thrown for a loop. Namely because he’s in a dingy grey jumpsuit. And handcuffs. And being booked into a juvenile detention facility. Surely a boy who’s been convicted of a headline-making, violent crime isn’t the person she’s meant to be with. There’s no way she belongs with someone like that… Right?  (via Goodreads) Amazon   If you are attentive to my blog, you might have noticed I’ve never reviewed a romance. They aren’t really my thing. And not just bodice-rippers, but contemporaries and YA as well. Why? I…

Narwhal: Unicorn of the Sea
Book Review / September 17, 2016

Title: Narwhal: Unicorn of the Sea Author: Ben Clanton Genre: Graphic Novel Publisher: Tundra Books Release Date: October 4th, 2016 Format: eReader ARC Pages: 64 Source: NetGalley Narwhal is a happy-go-lucky narwhal. Jelly is a no-nonsense jellyfish. The two might not have a lot in common, but they do they love waffles, parties and adventures. Join Narwhal and Jelly as they discover the whole wide ocean together. A wonderfully silly early graphic novel series featuring three stories. In the first, Jelly learns that Narwhal is a really good friend. Then Narwhal and Jelly form their own pod of awesomeness with their ocean friends. And finally, Narwhal and Jelly read the best book ever — even though it doesn’t have any words…or pictures! Ben Clanton showcases the joys of friendship, the benefits of working together and the power of imagination in the delightful Narwhal: Unicorn of the Sea. (via Goodreads) Amazon   I received a copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Thanks for NetGalley and Tundra Books for the opportunity!   GUYS. Guys. This book. This adorable, beautiful, superbly cute book! When I picked this book up, I didn’t know what to expect. The cover…

Stuff Every Cook Should Know
Book Review / September 9, 2016

Title: Stuff Every Cook Should Know Series: Stuff, #3 Author: Joy Manning Genre: Cooking Publisher: Quirk Books Release Date: October 25th, 2016 Format: eBook Pages: 145 Source: NetGalley Expert cooking tips and timeless kitchen wisdom make this culinary how-to handbook a must-have for home cooks of all skill levels. You don’t need expensive gadgets, cutting-edge cutlery, or a rack of exotic spices to be a great cook. You just need the timeless wisdom found in “Stuff Every Cook Should Know.” You’ll learn: How to Care for Cast Iron How to Sharpen a Knife How to Reduce Waste How to Make Meals Ahead Plus measurement conversions, kitchen organizing tips, basic knife cuts, how to stop onions from making you cry, and much more. Now you’re cooking! (via Goodreads) Amazon     I received a copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Thanks to NetGalley and to Quirk Books for the opportunity!   A quick read, Stuff Every Cook Should Know is a handy guide for the novice chef. That said, even a more experienced cook could learn a trick or two. I know that I did! It was certainly worth my time, and I know new…

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