Pet-Friendly Francie Scores a Pooch
Book Review / January 18, 2016

Title: Pet-Friendly Francie Scores a Pooch Author: Kat E. Erikson Genre: Children's Literature Publisher: Self-Published Release Date: May 4th, 2015 Format: eBook Pages: 67 Source: eBook Eight-year-old Francie Waggit wants a pet so badly it hurts. But like her dad says, caring for pets takes time and money, and the Waggit family can’t spare much of either – especially with Francie’s mom off in Africa rescuing baby elephants. No matter how much Francie plays pretend that her dad is a type of PET (Physical Education Teacher), he just can’t fill the shoes, or paws, of a real furry friend. So when a loveable stray named Scrimmy literally leaps into Francie’s life at a San Francisco 49ers football game right before Christmas, her father finally agrees to “tryout” a pet. Francie’s wish came true! Almost. Turns out, her new rescue dog is loyal to a fault: be it high fences, locked doggy doors, or elementary school rules, Scrimmy will stop at nothing to stay by Francie’s side. Can Francie help her faithful foster pooch make the Waggit team for keeps? Or will she have to give up her Best Furry Friend forever? Pet-Friendly Francie is ideal for children ready to advance…

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