Unexpected Hiatus
About the Blog / March 10, 2018

Friends – As you might have noticed over the last 1.5 weeks, I’ve been completely silent on the blog. Due to technical issues, I am unable to access my wordpress.org blog to write posts. However, I am now able to access wordpress.com to send you this message (and to begin blog hopping again!). While this does mean I can now publish posts on my blog, I cannot use any of the awesome plug-ins I have come to rely so heavily upon. Most significantly, this affects my ability to publish book reviews. While my intention was to take a hiatus from 3/20-4/1, it’s obvious this hiatus will truly be a full month away due to my technical concerns. I don’t have the time to commit to working around these limitations in a way which is acceptable to me. I have so many great posts I had slated, too! Ah, well. We will just have to wait. Wedding planning is going well and I am finally pushing beyond overwhelmed into excited– I never thought this day would come. If things get back up and running before I leave for the wedding, you can be certain I’ll get up some posts! Until then, I…

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