The Vagina Monologues Discussion Questions

April 30, 2017

The Vagina Monologues

by Eve Ensler

  1. The Vagina Monologues is based on interviews with hundreds of real women.
    • Is there a particular monologue, or part of a monologue, which you can relate to? Which is relevant to your own experience?
    • What experiences were you unable to relate to?
    • What experiences from your life are missing from this collection?
  2. In 2003, Ensler wrote a new monologue called Uner the Burqa about the plight of women under Taliban rule. In 2004, Ensler wrote a new monologue called They Beat the Girl Out of My Boy… Or So They Tried about women whose gender identity differed from their assigned gender at birth. What other stories/experiences would you like to see added to this collection?
  3. Which is your favorite monologue and why?
  4. Which is your least favorite monologue and why?
  5. If you ran into Eve Ensler interviewing on the street…
    • Would you have a vagina story to share?
    • What would your answer be to “What would your vagina wear?”
    • What would your answer be to “If it could speak, what would it say, in two words or less?”
  6. Do you feel like this book reads like fiction or non-fiction? Why?
  7. What are your feelings about the word “vagina”? Are there other words/concepts we need to take back? What are they? Why?
  8. Have you ever seen The Vagina Monologues performed? If so, how did reading this change your perspective? Which was more powerful?
  9. If you haven’t seen The Vagina Monologues performed, are you interested in seeing them now?
  10. Who would you recommend to read this book? Why?

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