Moxie Discussion Questions

March 1, 2018


by Jennifer Mathieu

1.     What did you think of the book? Did you like it? Love it? Hate it? What made you lean that way?

2.     What did you expect before picking up Moxie? How were your expectations met or missed?

3.     The intended reading age of this book is 12-18. Do you think this story will connect with the intended audience? Why or why not?

4.     Did you find the situations in this story believable? Why or why not? Have you experienced any of the situations the girls of East Rockport went through? Do you feel comfortable sharing?

5.     What would you like to see different in Moxie? Why?

6.     Viv and her friends experience a wide range of emotions as related to their experiences at East Rockport. Did any of these moments parallel your own experiences? In what way?

7.     Which Moxie Girl character can you relate to the most? Why?

8.     Do you think the diversity of female feminist thought was well portrayed? Why or why not?

9.     Seth’s character stands alone for the men in this book. Do you feel Seth’s character portrayal was realistic? What aspects of a male perspective did you feel were well done? What aspects of a male perspective did you feel were missing?

10.  What are your experiences with Riot Grrrl and other feminist movements? Which ones speak to you the most? Why?

11.  There is a list of feminist resources at the end of the novel. Why do you believe Mathieu included these specific resources? Were you familiar with any of them prior to this book? If so, what do you think of this suggested list? What other resources would you recommend?

12.  What is your impression of the Author’s Note at the end of the book? Would you experience of the book be different without it?

13.  Jennifer Mathieu is a middle school/high school English teacher from Texas. How do you think it would feel being a female student in her classroom? A male student? Would you like to have Mathieu as your teacher?

14.  Readers have been commenting on parallels between Moxie and The Handmaid’s Tale, in the sense that both narrators have mothers who actively participated in the 70’s feminist movement and shared those stories with their daughters who applied them to their daily lives, and that the horror one feels while reading the books are palpable because they both seem impossible and realistic at the same time. Do you find these parallels to be true? What comparisons can you make between these two books?

15.  Kirkus Reviews, a prestigious literary magazine, wrote a very controversial review of Moxie (read the review here). How does this review make you feel? Do you agree or disagree with the points in this review?

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