Anne of Green Gables Discussion Questions

February 1, 2018

Anne of Green Gables

by L.M. Montgomery

1.     What did you think of the novel? Did you like it? Love it? Hate it? What made you lean that way?


2.     What did you expect before picking up this book? How were your expectations met or missed?


3.    Have you read this novel before? If this was a re-read, how long has it been since you’ve read this book and what changed for you in this re-read? If this wasn’t a re-read, have you ever considered reading this novel before this instance? Why or why not?


4.     Anne of Green Gables was written a century ago, and yet it still captures the hearts and minds of readers to this day. What qualities contribute to this timelessness? What aspects of this novel appeal to you most?


5.     Compare and contrast Anne’s relationships with Marilla and Matthew. How do these relationships change over time and what factors affect these changes?


6.     Marilla is constantly scolding Anne and asking her to behave differently. Where do their separate moral codes derive from? How do these characters change throughout the book when it comes to expectations of the other’s behavior?


7.    Anne is an exceptionally compassionate and consistently forgives those who have judged her unfairly, such as Mrs. Rachel Lynde or Mrs. Barry. Why then does she hold a grudge against Gilbert Blythe?


8.     Anne’s imagination is constantly running away with her. What is the role imagination plays in this novel? How does is shape Anne’s desires and expectations of herself? How does it affect those around her?


9.     What role does fashion play in Anne of Green Gables? In what ways do fashion and character’s different attitudes towards fashions reveal differences and similarities between characters?


10.  How do Anne’s conceptions of the future evolve throughout the novel? What aspects of imagination, friendship, and morals influence her future?


11.   Anne is an inherently happy character who is obsessed with tragedy. How does Anne’s preoccupation with tragedy and melodrama contribute to the book’s narrative?


12.    Discuss the role of women in society as portrayed in the novels. What are the expectations of women in the early 1900’s? What characters break those expectations? In what way are these expectations broken and how does this affect the people around them?


13.     How is Anne’s loss of Matthew different from the loss of her real parents? Do you agree with the choices Anne made at the end of the novel based on this loss? Why or why not?


14.    Have you seen any of the Anne of Green Gables adaptions? How do they compare to the novel? Which is your favorite?


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