Solving for Tsundoku: Embrace the DNF
Solving for Tsundoku / January 20, 2018

 is a series of posts focused on making peace with the piles.   Ahhh, the dreaded DNF: Did Not Finish. To many bibliophiles, this is considered blasphemy. To read a book is to make a commitment. Many of us were taught as children to be Finishers, and when you as passionate about something like books you take that seriously. Once you start something, you are committed and you see it through. Right? Take a moment and reflect on 2017. Was there a book you picked up and read all the way through, even though it was torture? Even though you thought it was poorly written, you didn’t connect with the characters, the plot was ridiculous, etc, etc etc? What about the book didn’t you connect with? Why did you keep reading despite this feeling? As the piles of books in the rooms of our house have grown into furniture and fine sculptures, as I have grown older, I have changed my philosophy when it comes to reading. I am now firmly in support of DNFing books. When I was younger, I pushed relentlessly through. But my life motto is basically Life is too short to read bad books. (If anyone knows…

Solving for Tsundoku: Making and Breaking Your Goals
Solving for Tsundoku / October 16, 2017

          is a series of posts focused on making peace with the piles. We’ve all done it: We’ve all decided, for some reason or another, that we need to set goals. Goals are the target of our ambitions or efforts; aiming for the desired result. Setting goals are great. They give you long-term vision and short-term motivation. They focus you and help you organize both your time and resources to make the most of those efforts. Goals transform your life from a passive state to an active one; they are a constant reminder of the things which inspire you. I set a TON of goals for 2017 in all aspects of my life. As it relates to Death by Tsundoku, I set both reading challenge goals and blog goals. Why? Reading challenge goals push me to read more outside of my comfort zone. I know that if I don’t try to branch out, I’ll just end up reading the same genres over and over again. While that’s great, it doesn’t help expand my thinking or experiences– which is one of the main reasons I read! 2017 Reading Challenge Goals: Read 110 total books in 2017 Complete the…

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