January in Review
Month in Review / February 3, 2016

Newsworthy Wow! It’s hard to believe Death by Tsundoku has been running for a month already! It’s been a wild ride, for sure, but the momentum isn’t slowing down at all, thankfully. I’ve learned a lot in the last month. I have started to understand WordPress and CSS templates. I’ve done research and made new friends in the blogisphere. I’ve started to understand social media and its place in the world. Blogging is a time consuming process– but it’s incredibly rewarding! Can’t stop, won’t stop, as they say. I hope this momentum keeps pushing long into 2016. Blogging aside, most of my free time this month has gone to reading… Are we surprised? No. List of Reads I read quite a bit in January. Not all the books I read end up getting a blog post, actually. Part of that is due to completion dates for reading. Some are due to a lack of content. Others are because I’d like to keep a whole series in order and I don’t want to start in the middle. January Books: Read – 15 total books Currently reading – 4 books The Knife of Never Letting Go by Patrick Ness Illuminae by Amie…

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