March in Review
Month in Review / April 5, 2016

Newsworthy It’s hard to imagine that the first quarter of the year has flown by! The blogging is less consistent now than it was at the beginning of the year, but I am still sticking strongly to the two reviews a week. Do you notice what days of the week my reviews are posted? I was trying for specific days of the week, but now I’m a bit more lax. If it matters, let me know what days of the week as well. I’ll aim for that! I’m heading to the Caribbean mid-April for a chill week of relaxing and beach time. Obviously, that will mean a lot of reading (I hope)! I have a collection of books I’m taking to the beach in both paperback and Kindle format. This downtime will hopefully mean catching up on some reading that I wanted to do, as well as some general blog clean-up. I’m a bit behind on a few non-review related blog things, and I want to catch up on those as well. Nothing like aĀ vacation to finally work on your hobbies! šŸ™‚   List of Reads March was a good month for reading in retrospect. In like a lion, out…

February in Review
Month in Review / March 2, 2016

Newsworthy We are at the end of month two and I feel like I’ve got a rhythm to my blogging. Death by Tsundoku feels much more like home. I’ve developed standards for theĀ aesthetic which really help with flow. I haven’t received a lot of feedback yet, though. Any thoughts? What do you like? What can I improve? The hardest part of blogging to me relates to media in posts. Writing the review itself is fairly smooth, but adding media can add another 40-60 minutes to post writing. I will be focusing on how to improve my use of media this month. Also, thanks to rescheduling needs, I only ended up having two official book club meetings in February. That was really disheartening to me. Thankfully, I have some great friends! A shout out of Rebecca and Emma for meeting separately with me to talk books. I definitely have great friends. I feel like I’m finally getting into a blogging groove. Let’s keep up the momentum!   List of Reads February just flew by this year! Even though we had a leap year, that extra day didn’t really help at all. I spent a lot of time with my friends, which…

January in Review
Month in Review / February 3, 2016

Newsworthy Wow! It’s hard to believe Death by Tsundoku has been running for a month already! It’s been a wild ride, for sure, but the momentum isn’t slowing down at all, thankfully. I’ve learned a lot in the last month. I have started to understand WordPress and CSS templates. I’ve done research and made new friends in the blogisphere. I’ve started to understand social media and its place in the world. Blogging is a time consuming process– but it’s incredibly rewarding! Can’t stop, won’t stop, as they say. I hope this momentum keeps pushing long into 2016. Blogging aside, most of my free time this month has gone to readingā€¦ Are we surprised? No. List of Reads I read quite a bit in January. Not all the books I read end up getting a blog post, actually. Part of that is due to completion dates for reading. Some are due to a lack of content. Others are because I’d like to keep a whole series in order and I don’t want to start in the middle. January Books: Read – 15 total books Currently reading – 4 books The Knife of Never Letting Go by Patrick Ness Illuminae by Amie…

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