Shout Out and Shameless Plug
Guest Post / November 14, 2016

Guys! Guys! I wrote my first guest blog post! Now, I understand the idea behind a guest blog post is that it sits on another blog and people flock there to read it and chat about it… but I feel so honored that Brendon @ Reading and Gaming for Justice was willing to collaborate with me. Brendon’s blog thesis is more or less stems from the fact that he has some questions and concerns about the social justice implications of the literature and board game markets. His blog is to get more involved in these communities and be a part of the social justice journey. Pretty rad, to say the least.   November is Indigenous People’s Heritage Month in the United States, so Brendon is featuring posts and reviews of #OwnVoices Native Hawai’ian authors. This immediately piqued my interest, and I reached out to be a part of this. Being involved in dialogues with other bloggers has been key to my development and sharing my own message. Brendon’s goal and mine are the same: to subvert the dominant narrative and life the voices of marginalized peoples. I strongly encourage you to check out Brendon’s blog, and all his Native Hawai’ian #OwnVoices…

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