Building Better Book Clubs: In-Person or Online?
Building Better Book Clubs / August 3, 2017

          is a series of posts focused on all things book club related: discussions, listicles, how to’s and more! Check out all posts here. Growing up, I always thought of book clubs as something old people did. They got together in the early afternoon at the library and discussed a book they had read. It took me many years to realize the untapped potential of book clubs. But, what really makes a book club? So often, people think of book clubs as I did: As people getting together in person. Thanks to the breadth and depth of the internet, it’s easier than ever to get people to talk to each other. And this has completely affected the way we interact with books, too! That said, we’ve also come to a place where there are just too many options. Are you overwhelmed? Uncertain where to turn for bookish interactions? Take a second to consider the below and determine which kind of book club is best for you:   Online book clubs are a newer way to be involved in a book club. Whether it means a chat room, message board, or Twitter, it’s easy to find a way…

Building Better Book Clubs: Five Reasons To Join a Book Club
Building Better Book Clubs / February 9, 2017

          is a series of posts focused on all things book club related: discussions, listicles, how to’s and more! Book clubs have given me so much in the last few years. As you saw in my first post in this series, I love them. They provide me with so much and I could honestly rave on and on about their merits. But, I’ll spare you. Instead– here are 5 reasons you should join a book club. 1 – You have a wonderful excuse to take time for yourself. Whether you are participating in person or remotely, a book club is a great excuse to make time for yourself. Grab a cup of tea, settle in, and take some time to read. After all! This is for book club. Schedule time on your calendar for book club and don’t let others take it over. Get away from the kids, or the mess, or the chores or whatever– take some time for you. After all, your book club should be an escape. To me, they are always the highlights of my month. 2- You will read things you never would have picked up. …And you can force people to read…

Building Better Book Clubs: Why Book Clubs Matter
Building Better Book Clubs / January 28, 2017

          is a series of posts focused on all things book club related: discussions, listicles, and how to’s. It’s time for me to take the passion I have for participating in and organizing book clubs to the next level. Building Better Book Clubs is a new series of posts I’ll be publishing to explore book clubs. Why they matter, why you should be involved, how to get involved, what types of book clubs you could participate in, etc. etc. etc. I hope that these posts inspire you to take the next step. Get involved. Build a community. Expand your love for books. I am an avid supporter of book clubs. I participate in 6 actively right now, and I am constantly searching for other avenues to discuss literature. That’s how I got into blogging– I had so many thoughts, I just needed to share them. Books clubs can be many things to many people. But at their core, I believe they provide community, a way to challenge ourselves, and a safe space to share opinions and to grow.   Book Clubs Provide Community One of my favorite quotes is from C. S. Lewis: We read to know…

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