#AnneReadAlong2017 : Giveaway Winner!

September 11, 2017


Wow– it’s hard to believe that we’re over halfway done with this amazing read along! To celebrate, and to thank all of you for your amazing support and wonderful participation, Jane @Greenish Bookshelf and I set up our first giveaway. It’s been an adventure figuring out how we want to work together, want we want to provide, and how we want to engage our community. We really appreciate all the wonderful support you’ve provided us! Thank you all SO SO SO MUCH!

You can follow along with our progress, and find out how you can participate by checking out my #AnneReadAlong2017 page, or Jane’s linked above.

And yet it feels like we’re only just beginning. Jane and I have even more planned for you in the second half of our #AnneReadAlong2017! We hope you’ll stick around for more interesting posts, giveaways, read along options and more. And, as always, Jane and I are open to any and all feedback you might have. Comment below!

But why am I still babbling? You want to know about the giveaway! We are giving away the boxed set paperback collection of The Complete Anne of Green Gables!

I was supposed to announce the winner a few days ago, but sickness impeded me. Better late than never right? 

And the winner is…

Evelina @ Avalinah’s Books


Jane and I couldn’t be more excited. I’ll be reaching out to Evelina shortly to make certain we get her this box set ASAP! Because there’s nothing like amazing book mail. Congrats, Evelina!

We look forward to seeing all of you more as we continue this journey. What possible antics could there be left for Anne Shirley to get up to? Only the read along will tell… We look forward to interacting with you as we continue!

What do you think?

  • Have you ever visited Evelina’s blog? What post catches your eye the most?
  • What do you like most about giveaways? How do you decide to participate?
  • Have you ever read the complete Anne of Green Gables? What do you think?
  • What is the last series you finished reading?


  • Dani @ Perspective of a Writer September 11, 2017 at 4:00 pm

    I love Evelina! Congratulations!! Jackie and Jane you two are so great to offer this giveaway!! I’m going to review the graphic novel I read (not sure it counts but I’m gonna link to you and share everything about your readalong!! <3

    • Jackie B September 11, 2017 at 5:20 pm

      D’aw, thank you! I’m super excited Evelina won, too. There were a TON of people who entered, and I’m really excited that she’ll get some awesome book mail. 😀

      You can TOTALLY review the graphic novel! Actually, Anne of Green Gables is something of a phenomenon in Japan. Akage No Anne was secretly and accidentally translated in the early 1940s. Then, when schools were looking for literature to teach English with they turned towards the original version. Now there is a graphic novel, and anime, and more! I’d love to read that review and hear your take. They don’t have it at my library unfortunately…

    • Evelina September 12, 2017 at 3:48 am

      Awww Dani, I love your blog too!!! Thanks for the love and best wishes, and I am so excited! I can actually finish Anne in print, I’m only 3 books in 🙂

      • Grab the Lapels September 12, 2017 at 9:31 am

        There are so many adventures waiting for you in the other 5 books!

  • Amanda @Cover2CoverMom September 11, 2017 at 8:02 pm

    Congrats Evelina! While I am bummed I didn’t win, I am happy the books are going to a worthy opponent 🙂 Thanks for the opportunity to win Jackie & Jane!

    • Evelina September 12, 2017 at 3:49 am

      Thank you, Amanda ^_^

    • Jackie B September 14, 2017 at 5:06 pm

      Haha. So true– the books are going to a worthy opponent. I’m actually just shocked that someone I KNEW won! There were so many entries; I was a bit shocked. 😀

  • Evelina September 12, 2017 at 3:48 am

    Oh my gosh, wow! I can’t believe I legit won! Yaaayyyy!!! I can finish the books in print! Thank youuuu!!! TOTALLY AWESOME.
    Remind me to teach you girls to put a free linky on your Anne posts, cause I figured it out 🙂 in exchange xD
    So awesomeeee!

    • Jackie B September 14, 2017 at 5:08 pm

      YAY! WINNING! SO HAPPY! I couldn’t be more excited for you– because 1) you’re amazing and 2)book mail is amazing and 3) we’re REAL FRIENDS! Which makes it the most awesome.

      Yes! Teach me about the Linky. Because, I tried to get it to work to no avail. #TechnologicallyInept

  • KrystiYAandWine September 12, 2017 at 4:09 pm

    That’s crazy that you’re already halfway through your readathon. Time flies! Congrats to Evelina on winning the giveaway! That’s such a great prize. 🙂

    • Jackie B September 15, 2017 at 7:50 am

      I couldn’t be more excited that one of my blogger friends won! I feel like that never happens. 😀 Yay!

      And man, time really DOES fly!

      • KrystiYAandWine September 16, 2017 at 12:30 am

        That is exciting! I love it when someone wins my giveaways who I know really does follow my blog. I’ve made friends with a couple people who won my giveaways after the fact too, and that’s also neat. It’s less exciting when it’s the people who are just on Twitter to enter giveaways that win. But, eh, I guess that’s how random drawings work.

        • Jackie B September 18, 2017 at 9:50 pm

          That is how they work, sadly. That said, I’ve never been able to figure out how people do random drawing with Twitter alone! There must be an app for that. 😉

          • KrystiYAandWine September 19, 2017 at 5:53 pm

            It’s true. I use Tweetdraw. I just the website, but I’m guessing there’s an app too.

            • Jackie B September 20, 2017 at 8:18 am

              Oh *thats* cool. I get it now! I would never have known how to Google search for that otherwise. Thanks for the pro-tip!

              • KrystiYAandWine September 22, 2017 at 1:05 pm

                Anytime! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Jane @ Greenish Bookshelf September 15, 2017 at 3:54 pm

    Yay, Evelina!! Congratulations! 🙂 And seriously teach us your linky expertise! We need it! 🙂

    • Jackie B September 17, 2017 at 4:18 pm

      Thirded. Bring on the expertise! Preferably in the form of step-by-step instructions and an FAQ. We strugglin’.

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