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December 30, 2015

Jackie B’s Review Policies

I am NOT currently accepting review submissions. 

  • I read and review all genres of books with the exception of horror, thriller, erotica, and anything excessively violent (I get nightmares. No joke)
    • Favorite genres include historical fiction, graphic novels, magical realism, fantasy, and science fiction.
    • Less favorite genres include business, memoir, self-help, dystopia, and romance.
    • I do not review books which could be described as violent, explicit, gruesome, brutal, or abusive.
  • I read and review all reading levels within the approved genres: Early reader, middle grade, young adult, new adult, and adult.
    • Most often, books reviewed on this site are geared for young adult and adult audiences.
  • I will only review series books if I have access to the entire series.
  • I will always be fair in my reviews. I will give my honest opinion in all scenarios.
  • I will never personally attack an author.
  • I rarely commit to review timelines, however, you are welcome to request one.
  • I am NOT currently accepting books from publishers, authors, and publicists in exchange for an honest review.
    • I reserve the right to decline reviewing a book.
    • I reserve the right to DNF a book. All accepted books will be reviewed, even DNFs.
    • I will rarely accept books for review which are part of a series, with the exception of the first book in a series for which all books have been released.
    • A review will be written within one week of completing the book.
    • Reviews will be posted on my blog, Goodreads, and other locations by request.
  • I prefer physical book copies and MOBI formats.
    • Other formats will be considered, but are less likely to be accepted.
    • If your book is primarily illustrated, I will only accept physical copies or PDFs.

What’s In A Review?

All book reviews will include the following:

  • Book title
  • Author
  • Series title and book number
    • This will only be posted if applicable
  • Genre
  • Publisher
  • Release Date
  • Format
  • Total page count, in the edition I read
    • If I read an audiobook, a page count will still be listed for the closest printed edition
  • Cover image of book, in the edition I read
  • Summary of the book taken from an existing location
    • e.g. book jacket, Goodreads, publisher/author’s website, etc.
  • Source
    • e.g. Library, Owned, NetGalley, gift, borrowed, etc.
  • Links to Goodreads and Amazon to purchase the book
  • My personal impressions of the book
  • My personal rating, based on my rating system

Posting of Reviews

Reviews will be posted on the blog at least twice a week. Twitter and Facebook post updates will be made to announce the posting of a new book review.

Summaries of my reviews will be posted in Goodreads upon completion of the book and could be used as material for a future book review posting. These reviews do not have to be identical. Review summaries will be posted in other locations as well, by request.

Reviews can be posted on Amazon, NetGalley, and other locations per request.


All reviews are my personal interpretations and feelings about a book. They will not always be positive, but they will always be honest. All opinions given are my own unless otherwise stated through proper quoting. I do not aim to influence others through my reviews, just share my own personal experiences. I encourage all readers to make their own informed decisions about these books.

All pictures used are the property of myself or their respective owners.

Any unauthorized copying, reproduction, republishing, posting, or duplicating of any materials from my website is prohibited without express written permission from myself. You are not permitted to reproduce, sell, or modify any portion of this website. If you do quote or link to my website, please include my blog’s name in your link.

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